Smok Novo Battery Powered Vaporizer – A Look At The Features

Smok Novo

Smok Novo Battery Powered Vaporizer – A Look At The Features

When it had been announced that the Smok Novo was developing, many people were left scratching their heads with uncertainty. With so many electronic devices nowadays being power hungry and using big batteries, why should one get the Smok? After testing this and that, I’ve come to the final outcome that the Smok Novo really does live up to its name. Employing a small, internally incorporated 450 mah battery, the Smok Novo holds’s quite the advantage battery-wise over its smaller and older brother, the Smok Infinix.

Made up of just two parts, namely the primary shell that holds the battery and the novo 2 pod kit itself that consist of a coil and tank combination, the Smok Novo definitely feels a lot more solid to the touch. The smooth and futuristic styling will come in at a very reasonable price, when compared with competing electronic devices. So in essence, while not packing in exactly the same technology that the newer models do, this does deliver an identical level of satisfaction. For the first few days after purchasing the Smok Novo, I possibly could definitely tell that the initial novo vaporizer has already established the distinct advantage of me realizing that my vaporizer would last for a long time. Smok Novo’s battery does last quite a bit longer than the original novo vapes, but it seems that the Smok’s longevity could improve with frequent use.

Another benefit of the Smok Novo, apart from its battery life, is that it incorporates many different great new features. There are three color schemes available, as opposed to the two available with the novo 2, including one that is blue and one that’s red. Other add-ons include an alarm, which reminds you that the chamber is filled with a special mixture of herbs if you like, in addition to a clock function that displays how long your session has gone. There are also numerous flavor selections, from sweet to sour, which might be added to your vaporizer, enabling you to adjust the flavor experience predicated on what you come in the mood for. The note 2 allows you to mix and match flavors with no difficulty.

Despite all these awesome features, there are a few things about the Smok Novo that I would not advocate to anyone, especially first-time users. For one thing, the move 2ml e-liquid capacity is extremely small. It may seem just like a minor problem if you are first establishing the kit, but you will find that it gets progressively harder to fill the tank when working with it for the first time. Even with spending several days with the Smok Novo, I acquired tired of needing to use so much juice to get a little vapor every once in a while.

The other thing that I wouldn’t recommend may be the way the novo 2 pods work. One of the primary complaints I have concerning the kits is that the airflow doesn’t really go completely the system. The airflow is quite limited, despite having the large pods. If you’re only getting a little vapor from your own device, or you’re blowing lots of it out, the airflow is not going to be enough to obtain a good hit. However, if you are looking to get a deep hit, you have to be pleased with the performance of the Smok Novo.

Since the move 2 pod system spec demands a high amount of efficiency when it comes to keeping the temperature inside of the heating element, I recommend setting the thermostat to sixty-seven degrees. When you do this, the airflow will undoubtedly be much better, and you should have nearly no problem getting the best possible hit from your device. Try setting the thermostat to eight seconds on low, that ought to give you about six to eight seconds of hot air time, but also take into account that this will depend heavily upon the ambient temperature. You should probably try about ten seconds on low.

Another feature that you’ll want to have a look at when considering the Smok Novo may be the form of the heated herbs pod. As the original design of the pods was one which came out looking similar to a pencil, many more companies have started making them in different shapes, many of them shaped like a quarter. These newer pods sit a little closer to your mouth and are easier to make as well. The original style of the heating element was something that was a little more awkward to hold, but a lot of people have found that the new style is much simpler to handle. You can find both kinds, an individual or double design of heated herbs pod, so ensure that you choose the one that works best for you.

The main thing that most customers are asking about nowadays is how long it requires to have the devices heated around their maximum level. While there is not an exact time frame which might be cited as to just how long a Smok Novo Vaporizer will take to heat up, most people do find that the device heats up in a reasonably decent period of time. It’s important to note that while the product is highly regarded for being in a position to stay charged for a protracted period of time, it will not stay on all night, but for the most part you mustn’t have any major issues with it getting the job done.